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Oil painting and video projection 2020
Behind the scenes

The video projected onto the canvas illuminates the oil painting, and for a short time it fills the empty white space with the entire motif:
A woman steps out of her painted counterpart, and wanders through the wind-moved wildflower meadow.

The partly painted surface of the canvas is surrounded by the white, empty space of the unpainted area. Two-dimensional painting only captures a single fixed moment. If the viewer enters the picture with his/her inner imagination, the painted motif expands and occupies the white field.
Without time and space, the realities overlap.

Oil painting and video projection 2019
Sleeping soundly

A wide, airy-blue landscape,
bedded in a white empty space,
touched, and found to be pleasant.
Sleeping soundly,
I lie down to rest.

The new video runs for 5 minutes – that isn't very long. It should not be "consumed" like today's advertisements, video clips or short information. The slow motion of the figure in the painting is intended and provoking. Coming into resonance with these movements means adapting one's own speed to that of the figure. This requires inner motion and remains subtle.
It does not follow the accustomed scheme of 'faster' and 'better', but widens the view onto the apparent standstill of a distant horizon. The landscape in the painting is not a "stage setting" for the figure in the video. The overall work of art is created by the interaction of painting, the concept of empty space, and the sequence of movements by the film. 

Artist: Silke Schoener, Sleeping soundly, Oil on canvas, 51 x 94 inches

Performer: Christina Weiser, www.staatstheater-kassel.de
Videograf: David Worm, www.dwfotografie.de

Oil painting and video projection 2016
Old song

Artist: Silke Schoener
Old song
Oil on canvas, 86 x 94 inches

Performer: Christine Weiser
Videograf: David Worm


Performer: Christina Weiser www.staatstheater-kassel.de        Videograf: David Worm www.dwfotografie.de