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Painting and video

As in all of Silke Schoener's works, the painted theme stands disconnected and abrupt on the white, unpainted canvas.
Painting and white space are visible.
A person is projected by video onto the canvas, and moves across the white space.

Not the person's personal story is the subject, but how the person searches and senses. Circling around itself, standing, running in a small circle, squatting down, and dipping its hands into the white, unpainted space.

The painting's atmosphere is created by a large, artistically painted tree that appears natural in daylight. But as evening comes, and darkness envelops the tree, the video projection of the person becomes visible, feeling into the white, but now dark space.

By identifying with the projected person, the viewer is invited to perceive the painting and himself in peace and quiet.


Performer: Christina Weiser       Videograph: David Worm www.dwfotografie.de